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What Is Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets Book

How do you master the traffic strategies to skyrocket your website or sales funnels to gain targeted traffic and customers that are eager to buy. Then it’s time to invest in Russell Brunson’s new book and course to achieve all that and more!!

As entrepreneurs we are talented at creating the product, service and courses we have designed but once we have achieved that how do we get the right customer to find us. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you getting traffic to your website or offer is a skill that needs to be taken seriously otherwise you’ll find your business failing very quickly!!

Traffic secrets was written to help businesses and entrepreneurs learn the necessary skills to drive the right traffic to your offer whether organic or paid traffic.

This book and course is going to help you find your dream customer, customers who relate to your offer or product. Russell explains how to throw out the right hooks to get their attention and subsequently enter your funnel.

Whatever you do, don’t over complicate things, remember you’re looking for people not numbers. Find the desires they’re searching for and you have nailed it!!


What Do I Get With Traffic Secrets

Traffic secrets is a book to teach you how to drive targeted customers to your offers or website. Russell often explains how he started in internet marketing and how he thought his business was killing it making over a $1000 dollars a month. Then he discovered an internet marketer called John Reese who was committed to being the first marketer to make $1 million dollars in one day. Russell was committed to finding out how he did it and the traffic secrets book was born. The strategies laid down here are the same strategies used by John Reese.

There is also a course which is probably the only course you get from the Clickfunnels empire that was not developed by Russell himself. Traffic secrets has a lot of modules and information to absorb but once you start to implement them you find yourself finally getting to grips with online and offline SEO and paid traffic strategies.

Listen to Russell read an extract from TRAFFIC SECRETS HERE!!

Russell is now one of the world’s best internet marketers, so when he paid John $1 million for the course you know it must have some very valuable content! On top of that Russell’s book is his take on the course, so you get some additional snippets in the book that are not in the course, namely how Clickfunnels gets tens of millions of people to their sites every month….I write that again TENS OF MILLIONS!!!

Clickfunnels find this product particularly valuable as they only offer it when you buy Funnel Builder Secrets, or join Clickfunnels as a Platinum member at $297.00 so getting this EPIC course for free makes it worthwhile. Like I said before the book gives you all that the course has to offer and more and best of all its FREE all you need to do is pay postage and packing.

But if you’re like me and find limited time to sit down and read I strongly recommend you invest in the audio version which is $37 dollars so no postage and packing. I have been listening to the book whilst jogging during my daily lockdown exercise routine. I’ve been using jogging as a ruse to avoid homeschooling……AAAAAGGGGHHH!!

Order Your FREE COPY Today And Get The Following EPIC Bonuses for FREE!!

Traffic Secrets Bonuses


Here’s a peak of what your discover in this book, I’ll share now to wet your whistle (as we say in the UK):

  • 1: Might seem a bit unconventional but you’re going to find your dream customer by pre-empting what’s happening in their mind, so you recognize exactly the way to serve them!
  • 2: Find out what your dream customers are looking at online, so you’ll find them and get them into your funnels.
  • 3: Learn the way to focus your Dream Customers to pay attention to your story and accept your bonuses and offers.
  • 4: Find the two ways to turn your customers into your forever customers and offer to then again and again.
  • 5: The very best type of traffic not affected by platform algorithm changes.
  • 6: Learn to maximise the pre sales funnel to gather 80% of traffic that usually leave.
  • 7: How to borrow other peoples traffic to promote your offers for FREE.
  • 8: Find FREE traffic from other platforms who have already got your dream customers on their list and divert them to your funnel!
  • 9: Learn how to be consistent with marketing your funnels, while sending streams of valuable traffic into your funnels!
  • 10: How to spend 5 minutes per day to leverage dream customers on social media that are not as yet following you!
  • 11: How to leverage Google and Bing to push your customers to find YOU, rather than you constantly chasing after them!
  • 12: The steps to make constant incredible content that serves your audience to keep them loyal to you.
  • 13: The key to joining the front of the queue when new traffic trends begin and leverage the opportunity.
  • 14: The way to style your landing page to make agencies want to drive traffic to you, so your audience can learn more about you, your company and how you can help them!
  • 15: 3 strategies to plug your products into other people’s distribution channels, allowing you to find regular new customers.
  • 16: The game plan to get other marketers to market your products and you pay them once they have made a sale!
  • 17: The seven stages of a funnel that converts ICE cold traffic into hot happy buyers.
  • 18: How to scale your business using tiny adjustments that were modelled from the rapid-growth of tech companies.


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My One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Join the One Funnel Away Challange

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

First of all before we go any further you’re going to need to invest a little bit of time and effort in this course but it’s creator Russell Brunson is probably one of the best digital marketers in the business. He is the idea behind the best sales funnel builder in the world Clickfunnels. I can hear you asking “what is a sales funnel anyway?” It’s a way of eliminating the selling complexities of a website into a page that allows you to market your product, course etc down a predefined path to one option a sale.

You are going to see the slogan You’re only one funnel away a lot from here on in. It’s basically what the course is all about taking you by the hand from zero to launch. If you get your sales funnels right you can revolutionize your whole business and change your entire work life balance. I find watching Russell, Steven and Julie’s videos inspiring. They are great orators but their passion is addictive! I Know you hear it everywhere but these guys have made millions of dollars online and what they share with you is more than how to do it, their changing your whole belief mindset!!

You’re going to learn how to guide your prospect in the direction you want through the most effective funnel building strategies and how to generate targeted traffic. You literally are taken by the hand teaching all you need to know to build an effective sales funnel. Okay you’re wondering should I spend the $100 could I teach myself? Seriously don’t sit on the fence this training is your golden nugget. I watched just one of Steven’s Videos and had the first of many eureka moments. People struggle to understand sales funnels but you’re going to learn they are the future of marketing. It may surprise you that you are taken through sales funnels everyday but you may not even know it, McDonalds and Netflix are masters at it!

What Do You Learn In The OFA Challenge?

Let’s face it marketing or mainly affiliate marketing you will find many people who spew their affiliate link all over the place with no intention of learning the fundamentals of how to build a business. They jump from offer to offer making a quick buck but without the foundations in place it can come quickly tumbling down. I have always tried to teach people who want to make a living online to create a business, the same as you would with any bricks and mortar business, you need to invest to see it grow, It takes a lot of time and effort. I write most of my articles from 10.30pm onwards, take it from me and leave the stuff that comes naturally to you to later in the day. Whatever you do, don’t lose your focus, stay on one path and never ever give up!!

That’s me rambling again….it is 10.28pm after all!! Anyway, once you’re inside the OFA challenge you’re going to learn from the very best online marketers in the world, you are going to be joining a community of like minded people who are genuinely interested in your success. Ultimately your success will bring them more success. I am going to stress again that you are building a better future for yourself and your family here. There is going to be a lot of watching and reading, taking loads of notes and even homework but this is the real deal believe me. Just watch Russell or Steven for a few minutes and you’re hooked. You want to succeed, you want to fulfil your dreams….Hope that’s not just me!!!

One Funnel Away - Members Area

Let’s break it down:

Pre-Training – It’s time to believe in yourself!!

Week one is all about belief about your abilities to believe you can succeed, one of the first video’s you will watch is called ‘You Must Believe’. Russell breaks down the reasons behind the pre-training you need to do to get your mindset right before you venture further into the course. Let me say Americans are good at self help and the drive to succeed, we Brits find it a little harder but if you want it, get sucked in and learn from these guys and truly change your beliefs….your not regret it!!

1st Week – Time to learn how to create offers

Okay, I hope if you haven’t signed up and enjoyed the first week yet then it’s time to GET STARTED!! Anyway let’s jump back into my review of OFA. This week it’s time to learn how to set up an offer, step by step. Stephen Larsen is going to really leave you feeling less confused, he has a way to relay his thoughts, experience and huge knowledge in a way you can absorb.

You will start to implement the first week as belief is an integral part of creating an offer, not just your belief that you can achieve but what are the beliefs of your prospect, this is going to tailor your offer to meet those beliefs. I could ramble on trying to explain this but your start to understand during Stephen’s presentations.

If you’re new to digital or affiliate marketing you must first of all get the right mindset, treat it as a business, advertise or sell products and services that you believe in and enjoy promoting. This way you will enjoy creating your offer and you’ll find it easier to put yourself on the other side of the funnel.

Russell and Stephen are insistent that you put yourself out there and create everyday this is how to evidently achieve in this business. Find something that you’re good at and do that part, the parts you find difficult or don’t know how to find someone who does and use them!!


2nd Week – Time to write your story!

This week you are going to learn how to tell your story. Story telling, when it comes to offers is huge and probably the most important thing you can learn in your internet marketing journey. This is time to implement what you learned in week one again, your story should make your prospect believe one thing in your story…just one thing and you have undoubtedly hooked them and the process to purchase is going to be much easier.

Russell talks about stories holding your offer together, your story should be at the core of breaking any false belief your prospect may have. The story you are going to tell is your origin story, this is the story you created when you first began your very own journey.

At some point we all had a moment in our life whilst building our business that is our Eureka moment the moment it all came together! Imagine your prospect hasn’t reached that point yet, their on their first journey called desire. They desire financial freedom, nice cars etc.

You find a great analogy in one of Russell’s videos about testing your material. He talks about a comedian who wants to make it on the big stage but because he is unknown he is in the desire stage of his journey. He starts in small clubs, at the first club 2 of his 10 jokes get everyone laughing the others are a flop but he’s got 20% of his material. His journey continues through the small clubs, his material improving all the time until finally he is invited to the big stage and you guessed it…..he nails it!! He has just created his origin story!!

But what you will learn is that once you grasp the whole concept your vision or desire will become what you are and ultimately how you offer…Yoda moment!!! That’s tough for a Brit to write that line, as I mentioned before we Brits find all that forwardness ‘a bit much’!!

3rd Week – Start building your sales funnel!

Okay, as we head into week four, it’s time to build your funnel. At this point you should have a Clickfunnels account in place if you don’t then set one up. Russell and Steven break down all the elements of how to start building your funnel. This is when your previous weeks’ training starts to make sense. To me week one is the basis of funnel building without belief all you’re about to do is pointless.

Your headline should hook your prospect, encouraging them to continue down the page, then comes your story, your belief story that will connect with your prospects desire story, remember you are creating more interest with what they desire as a person whether that be financial freedom, losing weight or self empowerment. At this point if you have been following what you have been taught your prospect is hooked but could still leave at any point! So now it’s time to add value and breakdown how much each aspect of your offer costs, it’s easier if you check out the following image.

OFA 30 Day Challenge

As you can see, what your prospect is getting is valued at over $3000 dollars and they get it for $100!!! It’s now a no brainer! So now it’s time to add even more value with your bonuses i.e. eBooks, mini courses etc.

You will also cover squeeze pages, OTA’s and all other tactics to maximise the profitability of your funnel. As I have always stated I would not recommend a course or product if I hadn’t tested it myself and I can assure you I was very confused about how to build a funnel. I’ll be honest with you I made the fatal mistake I over complicated things watching to many how to do YouTube videos with no action! This challenge made things crystal clear and I launched my first funnel. Okay it wasn’t the greatest but using the comedian analogy, testing his material I did the same with my funnels. My first successful funnel being the e-Com funnel I give away on this site.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

4th Week – Let’s get some traffic!

Okay, as with anything business orientated you need traffic or if you are a retail store footfall without that all your hard work is pointless. I try to generate a lot of traffic through content marketing or free traffic options if possible as this can make your business so much stronger in the long run.

I started building my list from giving away free eBooks on my own sites and through platforms like Quora. What I would point out is that if you are answering questions on Quora, is to genuinely want to help people answer their questions as with any platform you will need to create a bridge page to your offer, if you don’t you will be blocked from using the site. I used one of Russell’s tactics here as I am not a writer and answering questions succinctly is difficult..so find someone who can!

If you’re going to use paid ads then I would advise you to test, test and test again and if you are sending people to affiliate offers a good bridge page is essential. I would recommend that you make your page similar to the offer page as your prospect will definitely leave if the page is vastly different from the sales page!! If you want to learn in depth traffic strategies then I recommend the traffic Secrets book. Below is the funnel I use to get signups and to promote the book. As you go through the steps you can see the page is similar to Russell’s sales page. By the way this book is excellent…I use it as my very own traffic bible!!

Traffic Secrets Sign Up

Traffic is a subject you can go on and on about, but this is one thing in your journey you must learn. Use software to help you find keywords. I use Market Samurai and SemRush and if you haven’t done it yet start your own website or blog using WordPress. The theme should be light SEO friendly with a good caching plugin.

As I stated in my breakdown of week three your funnel will more than likely not be the instant hit!! But don’t give up, keep at it and you will achieve! Russell and Stephen will give you some pointers to keep you focused.

5th Week – Post Training

This week you will be taking all that you have learnt and getting ready to scale it over the next 3 months. You will begin to enjoy creating funnels…it is genuinely quite addictive.

I am going to ask that during this whole course and the 3 months that follow that you build your website alongside your learning curve if you manage to write one or two good articles a week based around easier to rank for keywords you could have a 17 article blog which Google will be more than happy to rank higher!! Don’t count my articles. I have another 6 profitable websites that my business is built around!!

Ready to JOIN the ONE FUNNEL AWAY Challenge? This is your chance to start your own EPIC journey into internet marketing!!


TODAY I am going to give you a way to get the OFA challenge and FREE access to Clickfunnels 30 DAY SUMMIT. Where you can learn what 30 of the top internet marketers would do if they had No product, no list, no traffic, and no funnel… and then detailing EXACTLY what they did in a simple, step by step daily process! For FREE!!

Join 30 Days

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Market Samurai Review – Does It Still Cut It As A Keyword Research Tool?

Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool Review

How Do Keyword Research Tools Work

How does keyword research work and what is it? Okay let’s look an analogy; let’s imagine your panning for gold, you would take you pan and scoop up rocks and sediment, then you would throw away the larger stones and rocks adding more water to remove the smaller stones and pebbles gradually filtering until the heavy gold nuggets lay at the bottom of the pan. I know I sound like I’m waffling but just imagine the niche you have selected will have hundreds of possible keywords they are your large rocks and stones, then you need to filter the other words so your keyword tool is your pan, you gradually keep filtering until you find your gold nuggets!!

Once you have found a few nuggets you need to identify there relevance to your website. You could start using some of those new found keywords getting loads of traffic to your site but the keywords you have chosen are not relevant to your articles or content. The success of your website or business hinges on targeted traffic, you need to identify the list of golden nuggets that are most relevant to what you are writing.

What you must remember when writing your articles is people type in different phrases and every phrase will have a different value based upon how many people type that particular phrase into a search engine. Let’s say you start a diving website but you only offer scuba diving but your keywords are focused on broad searches about diving, you’re not going to rank even if your website is about diving as its way to competitive, some people may be searching for deep sea diving or high board diving so your website is irrelevant as you may get visitors but the people not looking for scuba diving are going to leave.

Your whole reason for your website and content is to inform people about scuba diving not crossover diving interests. In my opinion long tail, low search keywords formed into paragraph headings that answer a question. This way you will achieve a steady lower number of visitors to your site but you have engaged with them and they have stayed on your site which Google or Bing will reward automatically ranking you for those higher more competitive keywords.

How To Use Market Samurai For Keyword Research

I started using the Market Samurai in 2015, I had tested a few at that point and found the majority of my success was with Market Samurai.

First of all you’ll find that Market Samurai is not a cloud based product so you will need to download it to your computer….shock horror!!! I know it sounds a little old school but it’s extremely easy to do. What I like is you can run it on your desktop without having other browser windows open.

I do find that the dashboard looks a little dated but you can regularly update it which keeps the software inline with it’s cloud based competitors.

The first thing you will want to do is to create a project using your focus keyword, in this case we are going to use diving, once you have clicked create you will be taken to the main keyword analysis dashboard. Then you want to click Keyword Research and once you have done that Generate Keywords. At this point you have a long list of keywords that we need to filter…big rocks and stones time!!! So next we need to click Keyword Analysis, this will take us to the tool that will filter out the best keywords.

At this point I like to set the filter button to Golden Rules, which are Relevance, Traffic, Competition and Commerciality. Then un-tick all the radio buttons above as we only want to set two or three at this point. I generally set 3.

  1. SEOT (Which is the potential monthly clicks): I set this to around a 100
  2. SEOC (This is the total number of searches that have this keyword): I set this to around 20000.
  3. SEOV (This helps you understand how much you could earn per month if your page was ranked no.1 for that specific keyword): I generally set this to 30.

Okay now you should see your list of keywords reduced. Sometimes it’s a good idea to check the CPC to see how much each keyword will cost you if you want to run ads..Now from that list it’s time to remove more keywords that are obviously irrelevant to say scuba diving. I.e. cliff diving.

Finally we are going to click on the SEO Competition tab on the left hand side to find the top ten websites using those keywords. I would then select my one focus keyword on the list and re-analyze the competition for that one keyword. If you’re seeing a good amount of green you have a good chance of standing out.

The one I have chosen is a low ranking long tail keyword to write my article about which is scuba diving certification that is going to be much easier to rank for as it has an SEOT of 467 and a CPC 0 .78c with the potential if monetized correctly of $362.00 with a PR1 search ranking but it is very achievable and my SEO competition has lots of green. If you are writing articles in that niche who would probably have your certification and know how to write a good article, your title would be as simple as How To Get A Scuba Diving Certification with sub-headings like Do I Need A Scuba Diving Certification.

Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website in 2020

Affiliate Marketing Blog

Do I Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing

I have pointed out in previous articles that it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, just build your squeeze page and direct traffic to it but to me this is not the way to grow your business.

You can send traffic to offers and that offer may be successful but for how long for? For instance If your using Facebook ads you could fall foul and have your account shut down, that source of income is gone! If your serious about growing your business as an affiliate marketer then you really do need to start a website, just having your own domain name and hosting account is one reason.

You could easily build a WordPress site in a few months with some good content. Clickfunnels has a word press plug-in allowing you to upload your funnels to your site eliminating the Clickfunnels URL. Then your sending funnels via your domain…it gives you and what your trying to market credibility. CLICK HERE to LAUNCH Your First Funnel in 30 DAYS and upload the following plugin to your WordPress site. Download and Add The ClickFunnels Plugin to Your WordPress Site Here!.

Wealthy Affiliate

Your website is your real estate build it well, invest in it and it will pay you back ten fold. Remember with a website you can easily pre sell your customer via your article. People are looking for help to answer many questions they may have and your providing the solution, you then start building a rapport and gaining trust. Trust me your short sales page cannot deliver what a 600 or 700 word article can. The more good articles you can add to your website the more authority you build with Google.

Add Great Content To Your Website And Grow Your List With Affiliate Marketing

I recommend you find your niche and stick with it, read up on it by finding other blogs and websites in your niche and write articles that you believe are helping, send them to your offers within your article if they are reading beyond the first paragraph then they will more often than not click through.

Good Content is perfect for affiliate marketing

I would then send them to and opt in or bridge page from your article to collect their email this way you can start to grow you list and send them to new offers via your articles, seriously their trust you and the offer your recommending. I know I am still on other marketers lists from my initial visit to their website because they send me to content I value, in a niche that interests me, of course I don’t purchase every offer they put in front of me but some I do.

To conclude, I recommend building your website using WordPress it was initially designed as a blogging platform and is so easy to build. To make your site look great and flow find a simple SEO ready theme that loads quickly with a simple sidebar to add your affiliate banners and a little bit about yourself. I’ll be honest you may need a little bit of HTML knowledge to centre videos and images etc. but you can quite often google what you want to do and your find a solution. For instance type in How to Center a Video in WordPress and your return many results from developer sites. All your really need to do is add the following code to your YouTube iframe within the text editor <div style=”text-align: center;”>Your iframe code here</div>.

I have built many websites for people that become to complicated and advise them to stop using WordPress as WordPress is not designed for large complicated websites as Google will crawl them and generally find errors which can rank you lower, so keep it simple and google friendly.

What Is A Lead Magnet

What is a Lead MagnetHow To Set Up a Squeeze Page or Lead Magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is sometimes called baiting its a free incentive or offer you create in exchange for them joining your email list. Email marketing is in my opinion the most effective marketing strategy to run a profitable online business. To have a responsive email list is you biggest business asset when running a new campaign you can assume that you could make $1 minimum from each subscriber.

It’s a fact, people will not give you their email address to receive something that is of no interest to them. Your lead magnet needs to entice your prospect to click through to find out what your offering, this is referred to as an open loop.

What types of Lead Magnet are there:

Try to use a good funnel building software as the majority of templates have been designed to convert. I recommend you start with Clickfunnels 14 day free trial. If you have all your other steps in place test your best funnel during the free trial period. I did and made the Clickfunnels yearly fee with 3 campaigns. Take a look at some lead magnet examples:

Quiz: Definitely my favourite. Everyone loves to play they are intrigued to see where it all leads. Works great with Facebook Ads.

E-book: One of the best lead magnets. You can find many plr sites that offer e-books for free.

Cheat Sheet: This can be a PDF that outlines a work flow, sometimes might be in the form of a worksheet.

Online Course: People think they are getting loads of free content. If you don’t like making your own videos there are plenty of plr sites offering free courses.

Report: Just offer simple business strategies or tips, designed around your chosen niche.

The Simpler the better

Your offer should be simple but effective. As I have previously stated in other articles the less complicated the page the better the conversion.

Stick to your Niche

Before you start anything chose your niche and stick to it. Take it from me, jumping from niche to niche because you like the look of a product or affiliate offer is a disaster. If you stick to one niche you will soon know how to offer and your conversions will grow consistently. Your offer should guide them through your funnel to the end result seamlessly.

Spend time Building Your Lead Capture Page

Make sure you have some where to collect peoples email address and always highlight your strongest selling points in a H1, H2, H3 heading, then your sign up box. It really is that simple, I do not recommend you use fancy backgrounds, it detracts from what you want your lead to do.

Find Targeted Traffic

If you want to collect a good number of sign ups I recommend Solo Ads this way your generally find people willing to enter their email address as they are already on other peoples lists and generally are happy to receive new offers. Remember, however good your squeeze page don’t expect to be making fortunes but remember your creating your business assets. You’ll find your make more with offers to your list in the future.


How To Use GetResponse For Email Marketing

Getresponse Email Marketing Software

What Is GetResponse and What Features Do You Get

Marketing Automation Workflows

The automation features get my vote which makes GetResponse the best all round email marketing software on the market today! Click on automation and your taken to a feature to create a workflow this will enable you to simply drag widgets in to a blank canvas creating a very simple flowchart. No other email marketing software offers this so I decided to review GetResponse against its main rivals (Aweber and Mailchimp) but this feature alone blows the others out of the water.

Once you have setup your your lists i.e. your ecom funnel list etc. You can build appropriate work flows to run things automatically you can even split that list within the workflow i.e. someone clicks on the initial link and is taken to your sales page and buys your product. That group would then be taken to a different email while the people who didn’t buy your product will get a different email offering the product again. If they then buy they will join the first workflow. Sounds complicated but it really is a life changer!! Why not test it out yourself? Its Free to Start.

Email Marketing Automation with Get Response


Landing Page Builder

GetResponse offers a landing page builder along with the majority of the other email marketing software’s. Although GetResponse offers the ability to split test each funnel you create with some pretty decent templates its going to cost you in the region of $50 dollars a month to add this to your package.

Don’t waste your time adding the landing page option, GetResponse gives you the very best autoresponder and email marketing software for a very decent price. If you want a funnel builder use Clickfunnels it’s far far better and in the long run more cost effective.

Although GetResponse offer an auto funnel feature to run your Shopify business from within the GetResponse dashboard allowing you to create the funnel, connect you email list, create a product catalogue and run ad campaigns. For me you better to keep it simple and run your business with the best available software’s, i.e. GetResponse for your email marketing, Clickfunnels for you funnel builder and Facebook or Google direct for your ads.

Webinar Feature

What I do like about GetResponse is the Webinar feature, okay Aweber offers an excellent alternative here but as I mentioned before GetResponse is better at delivering the rest i.e. workflow etc.

With GetResponse you can host a webinar enabling to sale you product and link it all to your appropriate list. This way you can create numerous webinars and deliver ongoing sales as its always linked to you list, the only downside is the number of attendees you can have which is limited depending on your package.


GetResponse Pros And Cons


  • It offers the best automation feature, Love workflows
  • it is cheaper all-round for the features you get with other email marketing platforms.
  • They offer discounts when you choose to buy for longer than month by month.
  • The Auto funnel feature may be a preference for some people.
  • You have a split testing feature if you opt to create landing pages.
  • They provide simple breakdowns who has opened your emails and links etc.
  • Free trial options to get you stared and see if its right for you.


  • The email design area could be a little better. Aweber has this feature sorted.
  • Automation is not available in the cheaper plans.
  • Limited newsletter templates.
  • You will have to pay extra for the landing page feature that say Mailchimp offers for free but don’t bother use Clickfunnels you can integrate but software’s seamlessly.


In my opinion your getting the best email marketing software from GetResponse. It does what it’s designed to do brilliantly…collect and send emails!!

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages

leadpages landing page templates

How Can You Maximize Sales Funnel or Landing Page Profitability?

Who Does It Best?

Okay, lets understand as a marketer what we need to achieve when building squeeze pages. You need to keep two things in mind firstly it needs to convert and secondly your prospect needs to understand your offer. The whole idea of a landing page or funnel is to make money and grow your business.

Do not waste your time building fancy funnels your lose money. Leave the fancy funnels to the funnel experts. Why not create you simple squeeze page, gather your customers email and then send them to the products fancy sales funnel. You have gained what you wanted and if they purchase the product..Bonus!!

The reason I am writing this article is to help you understand conversions, which ever platform you choose you need to know that is going to increase you sales and sign ups. Forget about which platform connects with certain features you wasting your time worrying about that if it doesn’t make you money!!

Building sales funnels is like a jigsaw but don’t get confused, sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and draw what you aim to achieve. Then go to your funnel software and assess the funnel that suits, putting yourself in the place of the prospect.  So which platform is going to help you convert traffic into sales, Clickfunnels or Leadpages?

landing page work flow

As a marketing software tool they are both more than capable of delivering stunning high converting landing pages.

I would have to say that the initial conversion is probably compatible but Leadpages is limited when offering up sells, down sales and collecting emails to market at the back end of the initial funnel, this can all be done in a few simple clicks with Clickfunnels. So multi step funnels and quiz funnels are so much easier with clickfunnels. I particularly like Clickfunnels sticky cookie but we can explain that another time.


What you will find in the majority of cases Clickfunnels is going to be more expensive that most other software’s like Leadpages

Don’t get me wrong Leadpages is an excellent alternative but to achieve the same results as Clickfunnels is going to cost you with additional add-ons.
Clickfunnels funnel building software

What is the difference between Leadpages and Clickfunnels

I find that Leadpages template are good but a little limited when editing, Leadpages is predominantly designed to collect emails so you spend more time modifing templates to suit your objective.

Clickfunels has a plethoro of templates, so choosing your sales funnel could not be easier . You will also find that the pages are usually tested and known to convert.

To sum up, in my opinion Clickfunnels comes out on top. All the funnels are designed to convert their limited offer and opt-in pages are endless all you need to do to maximise your conversions is follow the resources available when setting up the funnel something that I’m afraid Leadpages is sorely lacking!!

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My Honest Review of Clickfunnels!

Grow your business with Sales Funnel software

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work.

How do you sell stuff online?

Bounce rates on most websites are over 80%, so how do you convert traffic into buyers?

You need a game changer. Sales Funnels!!

How Do You Build High Converting Sales Funnels.

By creating simple easy reading sales funnels, you can dramatically increase your sales and provide value to your customers. Let me introduce you to Clickfunnels. It’s a funnel building software that allows you to manage your sales process taking your customer by the hand to the call to action and purchase.

You don’t need to be a tech geek to build a funnel, and it will drastically change the way you approach marketing. No more developers, No more designers, you won’t believe how easy Clickfunnels will change your business and drive leads.

Clickfunnels offer a free 14-day trial, so you can see if its right for you. If not, you can leave without paying a penny. I started using clickfunnels over a year ago to build my email list…which has grown to over 20,000 in that time!!


Okay….So What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a $300 million dollar company. It provides (in my opinion) the very best funnel building software you can buy. It allows you to create high-converting landing pages, Lead Magnets, Quiz Funnels, Bridge pages etc. using a very simple drag and drop editor.

You can integrate your own auto responders (see my review about GetResponse and Mail chimp) to collect emails allowing you to sell on the back of your initial funnel. You can also integrate payment facilities such as Stripe.

Too be honest you really don’t need a website, you can market affiliate products via paid ads all day long but I recommend you build a website to gain that all important free traffic but that’s for another article!

The trouble with a lot of these software’s are implementing your ideas to achieve your goals. Clickfunnels is easy to use and has some great tutorials and guides, I also have a free course you welcome to download that will point you in the write direction.  How can you maximize sales funnel profitability.

Do you need Clickfunnels?

I have to tell you yes you do!!! Clickfunnels provides you with a marketing technique that leaves your customer with one option leave or make a purchase! The simpler the funnel the more it converts. I can create a funnel from scratch with an epic convert rate in under 30 minutes. No other software is this easy!

I have to admit that Clickfunnels is probably the best tool I have invested in during my digital marketing journey. My ROI has been quite outstanding since I found the perfect why to use Clickfunnels.

I used to try to build my business with limited investment building my landing pages on WordPress. I’ll be honest some converted okay but the time it took to build one funnel was crazy. Remember it takes the same time to build a funnel that converts and a funnel that fails!! That’s demoralising to say the least!

I started with the basic package at $97.00 dollars per month, I was apprehensive as I had little money in the beginning of my journey but stumbled upon a you tube video by an online marketer called Franklin Hatchett, He made a comparison to a business built offline, I think he mentioned a friend who started a plumbing business and the risks he was taking buying premises, a van, tools etc. All I had to do was invest $97.00!! Let’s say, I haven’t looked back since!!

How Does Clickfunnels Work.

Clickfunnels has been designed for the beginner in mind and in my experience they have done as awesome job. You have the option to build from strach but the templates available to use are brilliant! Just pick one and edit it whether your want an E-com funnel, Lead Magnet or Bridge Page.
Okay, once you have signed up for their 14 day free trial you will find all those pre-made templates on display. Remember the pre made templates have been tested and proven to deliver a very high conversion rate.


Clickfunnels landing pages are set up in easy to edit columns and rows, just highlight the area to edit and a sidebar appears with some brilliant elements. Just drag and drop your elements into the page a edit accordingly. The Word Press editors are not as logical and can be a little confusing to the less tech savvy! You can drag and drop text, video, images, buttons and for the more in-depth funnels social media tags, retargeting with Google and Facebook pixel and countdown timers etc. You can add link tags to so many elements just click on say an image add you link and alt text and save!! no more coding!!

How Much Can You Make with Clickfunnels

You can make a lot of money with Clickfunnels but you need to have and clear idea of how your going to achieve that and what is your end goal!! I always start with a pen and a piece of paper. Generally my objective is to build my email list and sell other products on the back of the funnel. This way I have collected my most valuable asset (a customer email) and hopefully paid for my ad cost. Even if I have lost a little bit of money I have gained an email which you can target again and again.

Always try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Design your pages with them in mind this will vary depending of the niche you are marketing to. But with a tool like Clickfunnels and the pre made high converting templates you have an ideal opportunity to grow your business.
I would always recommend that you focus on what you want to achieve learn one part of the jigsaw at a time and don’t be side tracked by shiny products offering you the easy option. Take it from me there is no easy option.

If you are a little confused I highly recommend taking a look a Franklin Hatchett, simple down to earth advice or you could get the founder of Clickfunnels book explaining his story of the funnels he created to sell his products.