All About How I Make Money Online

How Do I Make Money Online

Hi, my name is David I started Da Dog Digital Media to try to give you an understanding how to make money online using tools that have helped me considerably to achieve my goals. All the products I recommend or review here I have tested or use and have helped me immensely to grow my business, the essential thing for me is they must be easy to use!! I was determined to leave my 9 to 5 and after my daughter was born I set my goal. After work I would spend my evenings balancing my family life and building websites for others selling easy WordPress sites and hosting those sites via reseller accounts, which I still do but I wanted more time with my family so searched online for more options to make more money online and get me to the freedom I desire.

Then I started my drop shipping store entering the world of E-Commerce, which has given me the cash investment (along with my hosting accounts), I needed to start paid advertising and build my email list. I then started to invest more time into affiliate marketing using the money from my businesses, never touching my pay cheque and slowly but surely things grew.

It’s not easy it takes hard work and long hours!! I wanted to give up many times sitting at my desk at home knowing I had to be up for work in 6 hours. If you can take one thing from my site that would have to be don’t get sucked in by the hype or the online gurus selling courses costing thousands. It takes hard work, a lot of failures and to be honest a reasonable sum of investment, but you have to understand you are building a business for your future.

Good Luck with your online business….its worth all the heartache!!